Bot blindness plagues UK advertisers – Advertising – BizReport

More than three-quarters of UK advertisers have no idea how many of their ad impressions might be fraudulent.

The survey of 268 senior marketing decision makers with UK brands found that 1 in 5 had no process in place to prevent them falling victim to fraud. Yet, those respondents estimated that bot traffic was costing them between £10-£15,000 (US$17-25,000) each year.

via Bot blindness plagues UK advertisers – Advertising – BizReport.

MSL London Content Marketing Infograph & Report

Here’s an elegant and useful graph from MSL London highlighting some of the key trends in Content Marketing in 2014 and beyond. Some of the key findings of their report:

  1. The “Content Rush” is very real: 91% of companies will produce more content in 2014 than last year and 88% of companies plan to produce even more in 2015.
  2. Companies in the UK are still in the process of laying the groundwork and staffing up to meet these objectives
  3. Many marketers simply aren’t ready for the scope and scale of the content marketing revolution. For example, only 19% have a big enough team dedicated to creating and distributing digital content.
  4. Only a fifth of companies feel they have the right organisational structure in place to fully develop a content marketing strategy.
  5. Despite all this, “51% of companies declare to have more expertise in creating and distributing digital content than last year and 38% have more internal staff dedicated to creating and distributing content for the company.”

MSL London Content Infograph

See the full report and more at:

Bite Global’s head of content claims Content Pollution becoming ‘a genuine problem’ | The Drum

Bite Global’s head of content claims Content Pollution becoming ‘a genuine problem’ | The Drum.

“It means that people’s feeds and inboxes – all those posts, blogs and tweets, they’re filling up peoples lives. A lot of that content is un-targerted, it’s simply pollution. It’s getting in the way of people getting stuff done and it’s not adding any value,” he continued before offering his own personal solution.

Mike Harvey, Head of Content, Bite

Bauer Media MD of advertising Richard Dunmall – ‘Native advertising has blurred lines more than ever – but that’s exciting’ | The Drum

Bauer Media MD of advertising Richard Dunmall – ‘Native advertising has blurred lines more than ever – but that’s exciting’ | The Drum.

“The relationship between content creation and commercialism is more blurred than ever but that’s actually quite exciting,” he said.

“What we realised about our audience based on, surprise surprise, asking them what they thought ,was that they’re quite happy to have a blurred line between content and commercial provided there is a value exchange for them as individuals.”

Tweaking, updating, and revising my deck for Digiday DPS Barcelona

DigidayThe presentation I gave to kick off the AOP workshop yesterday will be overhauled for my session in Barcelona on June 3. It was a happy accident that I was asked to give two presentations on the state and future of programmatic ad trading within 10 days of each other.

There’s some additional research I’d like to add, a bit more EU rather than UK focus, and some new data that’s come out after the recent spate of programmatic conferences.

Once it’s all done, I’ll pop it up on here for people to view and see. It’s become crystal clear to while pulling this together that the following statements are all probably true:

  1. Mobile is coming faster than you think and the keys to the revenue kingdom there are programmatic and data driven
  2. The cookie is quickly dying as an ad targeting tool
  3. Native will find a home in programmatic in the next 12 months, if not sooner
  4. A tiny fraction of revenue and an even smaller fraction of deals will be done in the ‘traditional’ direct sales-to-sales manner come 12 months from now. Like less than 25% overall.

Without a doubt the next 12 months will see hockeystick growth in the programmatic space and it’ll touch all aspects of online media trading.

AOP Advertising: Programmatic Workshop

Programmatic TradingChairing and moderating the AOP workshop today was enlightening. A couple things stood out to me:

  • The size and scope of programmatic is gigantic and the rate of adoption is accelerating. We are, as an industry, finally getting there
  • Real, widely adopted programmatic trading — not just ‘remnant’ — is going to skip the web entirely and really come into its own in mobile, specifically in-app
  • All sides of the equation — agencies, tech, publishes — are in agreement on mobile being huge, programmatic being crucial, and a marked shift away from directly traded deals
  • If you want a job in digital advertising, you’d better get good at math! Unanimously, the presenters and panelists said that in looking for a candidate, they want someone with clear quant skills

The speakers for the day were:

  • Bill Swanson, Pubmatic
  • Todd Tran, Nexage
  • Paul de la Nougerede, AOL HuffPo
  • Sam Sherson, Guardian
  • Katie Eyton, MG OMD

Each did a great job but I think Todd’s session really hit home for me and the attendees. The stats around mobile and in app advertising are staggering, even if the revenue sits largely in the hands of 4 companies — Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Rovio. For now.

Teemo Paper launched

Paper WP LogoI’ve recently built and launched a customized Paper for Teemo. It pulls in articles, feeds, tweets, etc. from the wider business world of adtech and digital media. It’s great from a personal perspective as it floats articles of interest up to the top of my daily reading stack and publishes them all into a nice, easy to read format. A friend called its ‘RSS on steroids’.

I’ve published it publicly and embedded it on the site. Feel free to sign up or create your own paper if you haven’t already.

My only gripe so far is the limit of 25 sources (including twitter feeds and hashtags, some of which are very ‘light’ in new content) seems a bit too restrictive.

Chairing AOP “The growing value of programmatic” May 21

AOP UKI’ll be chairing a half-day event in London for the AOP. Hosted by the Association of Online Publishers, the event will serve as a temperature read on the state of programmatic advertising in the UK and how publishers are faring.

Rather than looking back at where we’ve been and how we got here the focus of the event is on the road ahead. The speakers will be looking at the core areas of growth in programatic — Premium, Video, Mobile, Data Monetisation, and others — and discussing in detail how they are being implemented at their respective organisations.

The event runs from 14:00h – 17:00h Wednesday the 21st of May and is being held at IDG UK Headquarters. More information and registration is available on the AOP’s website.