The Media Trust & ExchangeWire Release Global Malware Study

Today ExchangeWire released the first global study of the perceptions of malware and malvertising in the digital advertising ecosystem. The research and accompanying report were created in partnership with The Media Trust, the world’s leading media verification, malware protection, and advertising quality assurance platform.

The results will be revealed and discussed later today at an event in London later today.

From the Forward:

The digital advertising ecosystem is in a state of crisis, with many questioning its security. Each week bears witness to another media story regarding malware-laden ads infecting devices to cause harm to consumers. The presence of malware in the digital environment is no longer a topic relegated to advertising professionals – it’s become a mainstream and global issue.

Each year the number of ad-delivered malware infections increases, with The Media Trust detecting a year-over-year doubling in growth for the past several years. Clearly, malware is not new, which presents an interesting question: What do digital advertising professionals think about malware?

This study provides insight into the opinions of agencies, ad tech providers and publishers across several of the world’s largest publishing markets. In general, most are aware of the malvertising risks in their environments and almost everyone agrees it’s on the rise. However, there are some surprising results, and several opinions do not correlate with industry data:

• 50%+ believe malware is less of a problem on mobile

• US and UK publishers feel malware is a bigger issue for ecommerce than publisher/media websites

• Industry professionals believe 72% of malware exists on non-premium sites

• 20% of publishers believe their websites’ are safe from the constant threat of malware

You can download the full report here: Malware Report.