How Uber Went to one of top Apps in 12 hours

Uber-ForceYou may recall I was banging on on Facebook and Twitter yesterday about how the pan-European taxi strike was the best marketing drive Uber could ask for. Not only did it put their brand name into every media outlet across the major EU markets, it provided a fantastic alternative to the strike. You couldn’t devise a better plan to drive both top of funnel and bottom of funnel marketing. Kudos for the entirely free viral campaign taxi drivers. ROI is undefined as you can’t divide by zero.

Check out this chart:

In 7 EU markets Uber went from a sub-50 level app top 50 and in many cases top 10. In Germany Uber went from sub 300 to top 25. In 12 hours. With zero marketing. By my rough estimate, in total, it climbed a staggering 845 slots across Europe.

I’m struggling with what the best analogy here would be but one that comes to mind would be that, say, in 2001 at the height of the P2P (limewire, napster, etc. furore) record labels went on a 72 hour strike of selling their music legally. And in their press-releases not only named the P2P sites but provided useful directions on how to use them. It’s insanity. We are witnessing a massive disruptive marketplace power and it’s pretty cool to see.

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