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MSL London Content Marketing Infograph & Report

Here’s an elegant and useful graph from MSL London highlighting some of the key trends in Content Marketing in 2014 and beyond. Some of the key findings of their report:

  1. The “Content Rush” is very real: 91% of companies will produce more content in 2014 than last year and 88% of companies plan to produce even more in 2015.
  2. Companies in the UK are still in the process of laying the groundwork and staffing up to meet these objectives
  3. Many marketers simply aren’t ready for the scope and scale of the content marketing revolution. For example, only 19% have a big enough team dedicated to creating and distributing digital content.
  4. Only a fifth of companies feel they have the right organisational structure in place to fully develop a content marketing strategy.
  5. Despite all this, “51% of companies declare to have more expertise in creating and distributing digital content than last year and 38% have more internal staff dedicated to creating and distributing content for the company.”

MSL London Content Infograph

See the full report and more at: http://www.msllondon.com/blogs/2014/may/7/research-uk-companies-embrace-content-marketing-but-suffer-from-the-content-headache#sthash.BYwCUSTh.dpuf