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Brands should consider customising their AdTech stack – State of Digital

StackedThis review and summary of Hilton case study is pretty interesting. I spoke this week in Barcelona about how ad tech companies are moving further and further up the advertising food chain, trying to get ever closer to the actual brand advertisers. After all, that’s where the wellspring of cash is. And, if as we’ve seen in some cases, there is a 70% ‘tech tax’ imposed on publishers, why would technology companies want to work harder to get ever-dwindling returns from the players at the end of the funnel?

Hilton’s case is an interesting one and looks a lot more like a publisher story form 5 or 7 years ago. Hilton, acting as the advertising brand, is building out their own tech stack, in many ways bypassing the agencies, trading desks, etc. Granted, it’s an isolated case but it could be a very interesting trend, especially when combined with brands becoming publishers.

I can imagine an advertising and media technology singularity — The brand acts as publisher, building a campaign to run against their own inventory, delivered via their in-house customised tech stack.

I have had many conversations with various clients and industry peers and thought a lot about the place of custom solutions in AdTech. Are brands like Hilton, who customise their AdTech stack, rare isolated cases or could it be the beginning of a trend? Who should initiate customisation where it is required?

Friday Commentary: Brands should consider customising their AdTech stack – State of Digital.