Teemo launches Pixalate in the UK

PixalateI’m delighted to announce that I’ll be the exclusive UK representative of Pixalate, the most advanced provider of real-time media analytics, across campaign reporting, analysis, and optimization.

Pixalate has been storming in the US and has garnered the attention of the ad tech investment community, recently raising over $5M USD. As part of their rapid growth strategy, Jalal Nasir, founder and CEO of Pixalate, has seen the opportunity in the UK.

The platform offers insight and campaign optimisation for buyers and sellers via an elegant UI rich with charts, graphs, and all the information operations and planning teams need to ensure their campaigns are optimised.

Pixalate is integrated with all the leading DSPs including AppNexus, MediaMath, Googele AdSense, Turn, Atlas, and many others.

I’ll be meeting with agencies, publishers, networks, and others across the online media landscape in London to give them a taste of the product and to get their feedback. If you’d like to arrange a time for me to come in and talk about Pixalate, please let me now by filling in the form on this page.