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Paragon Digital ServicesWe are partnered with Paragon to help accelerate their growth in the UK and the US.

Paragon Management Services & Products

Paragon is a full service company that provides expertise in all areas of digital advertising. We have extensive, real-world experience integrating outsourced operations with agencies and publishers internal workflows and systems. Our clients are global, we operate round the clock and have offices located around the world. Our mantra is simple – we are faster, better and cost effective.

Paid Search

Paragon Paid Search team provides a wide range of services including bid management, auditing, keyword research, ad copy creation, ad group management, reporting, analysis/SQR and optimisation:

  • Expertise across leading search engines including Google AdWords, Overture, Microsoft adCenter and Baidu
  • PPC Account Creation and Expansion expertise, including building contextual and targeted keywords and text ads across highly thematic structures
  • Targeting relevant traffic on the Google Content Network through the combined use of keywords and targeted placements to reach the right demographic for the marketing campaigns
  • Setting up multiple conversion and analytics tracking systems in URLs including Omniture, Coremetrics, WebTrends and DoubleClick
  • Pixel / conversion tagging; implementation and trouble-shooting
  • Quick turnaround time – high quality and support

Publisher Display

Our Publisher Display team supply industry leading services that enable publishers to deliver campaigns quickly and efficiently and achieve their revenue targets. We can help with standard & rich media trafficking, campaign management, reporting and analytics:

  • Expertise on all major ad servers and systems including Doubleclick DFP, Adtech, Emediate, Ad manager, Open X, AppNexus
  • Site tagging and set up, testing and deployment
  • Campaign booking and optimization
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Experience with BT/contextual targeting platforms such as Audience Science, GrapeShot
  • Web Analytics and Omniture reporting

Agency Display

Our agency team focuses on delivering measurable results from highly targeted, relevant campaigns. Our services include:

  • Campaign management on ad servers include Atlas, DFA, Eyeblaster and Mediaplex
  • Experienced staff to setup campaigns including display, search, rich media, action tags (spotlight/floodlight). Also work with Eyeblaster, Motif, Eyewonder, Pointroll and Flashtalking
  • Reporting and analysis across campaigns to understand effectiveness
  • Troubleshooting of campaigns / creative testing
  • Creative services


We provide a suite of services for programmatic selling and buying, ranging from campaign management and optimization to reporting for ad networks, Demand Side platforms (DSPs), exchanges and Supply Side platforms (SSPs)

  • Expertise on all major DSP/SSP platforms including AppNexus
  • Campaign Creation / Updating
  • Creative Upload
  • Pixel Creation
  • Publisher Categorization
  • Publisher Adcodes
  • Campaign Monitoring and Optimization
  • Report Generation

Reporting & Analytics

We offer a number of data, reporting and analytical services and products that allow our clients to fully understand the value of their marketing spend. We provide ASP solutions that allow digital marketers to combine all their disparate data sets – online advertising, rich media campaigns, search campaigns, finance data, site analytics data, media planning – and bring them into a single platform.

Data Management

Data is at the heart of modern digital advertising. Paragon have extensive knowledge of report automation, systems integration and data customization. Get in touch to discuss bespoke solutions for your business.

Creative Services

Paragon offer tailored solutions to meet all your creative service requirements. We create rich media ads for prestigious clients such as Google including all the popular creative formats such as Page peel, Push down, Road blocks and IM Expands. We pride ourselves on high quality and quick turnaround.

Ticketing/Issue Tracking

Unlike other solutions, Paragon’s custom ticketing and issue tracking system has been built from the ground up to manage the entire lifecycle of online ad operations and traffic management.

Our hosted ticketing system allows communication to flow back and forth between you and the ad operations team, giving a clear view of the revisions, additions or amendments that are made to the campaign during the life-cycle.

Paragon’s ticketing system is currently deployed by agencies, publishers, ad networks – it’s been so effective that several of our clients now use our hosted ticketing system for managing their internal ad operations workflow.

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