Teemo is prouPixalated to be the exclusive representative of Pixalate in Europe.

About Pixalate

Pixalate was created with one purpose: to simplify advertising analytics for advertisers and publishers. Pixalate’s analytics suite fills an unmet need for real-time campaign tracking, optimization, and reporting. Outside of improving existing technologies, Pixalate has created first-to-market white box products for viewability, user interaction mapping, and media discrepancy tracking.

Our clients include publishers and advertisers who use our products and services to better understand their media and get the most of their ad dollars.

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Pixalate is the only true end-to-end analytics platform to report on attribution, fraud, viewability, and detailed campaign metrics. Pixalate is for buyers, sellers, and networks alike.


Don’t miss a beat on your media; see all of your results real time AND pivot results across dimensions (like ad size, geo-location, or ad placement by page or site) that help you to understand your results in a way that matters most to you.


ONE Platform provides detailed input on mobile statistics; not only is mobile vs desktop identified, but mobile phone model, operating system, longitude and latitude, and browser are all provided.


ONE Platform features powerful viewability and ad wastage statistics so that you can quickly understand how many of your impressions were actually seen versus those that were simply served. Our viewability technology is second-to-none, and is included free for all One Dash clients.


Dive deep into interaction statistics such as ad hover times, clicks, and conversion statistics across all of your ads and campaigns.  Easily pivot these statistics against browser size, ad-size, and geo-location for an even more comprehensive understanding of ad performance.


Immediately assess whether you have been overcharged for impressions that were never served. Our technology provides you with real-time snapshots of discrepancies across your campaigns.


All reports are easily exportable – a single click is all it takes to export all of your campaign insights into a manageable Excel format.

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