How Apple is on track to make over $30B/year thanks to AdBlockers | Arthur Querou | LinkedIn

I’m not entirely surprised by this. Not sure how much is paranoid conspiracy theory and how much is believable but it does make sense to think Apple is playing a long game when it comes to mobile advertising.

The following is an answer to a question we get more and more often from our clients and partners at Adikteev/MotionLead being a Rich Media Mobile Ad

From the article:

Step 1:

Take the oxygen out of the room when it comes to mobile web thanks to adblocking.

This will force the Publishers to create great native apps in order to move their audience from mobile web to their apps.

Publishers will probably focus on iOS first, for obvious financial reasons, which will greatly improve the quality and features of apps that were used mostly on mobile web, increase the use of apps in general and increase the overall perceived quality of iOS products.

Sounds great for the users!

Step 2:

Improve fluidity and linking between apps. Users like mobile web because it’s not a closed environment as the apps are at the moment. By making the app ecosystem more fluid, a lot of connections between apps are going to appear.

Links between websites account for a good part of Web’s success, that’s what Apple now wants to replicate.

They are quietly introducing new features on this subject and more features will probably come around this.

Step 3:

Cut more and more data that could be useful to target mobile ads.

Remember when Apple disallowed developers to check if several apps were already installed on the phone ?

That’s just the beginning.

Step 4 (optional) :

Acquire some strategic ad-tech companies such as AppNexus (Major SSP and DSP technology provider).

This will empower Apple to move quicker with an already mature technology that is broadly used and connected with most of the big advertising companies.

Step 5:

Coup d’état ! Apple disallows every ad network to run direct ads on iOS apps. Don’t read this wrong, they do not disallow ad networks, just direct buying. Which is why they introduce Apple Ads, a centralised platform (SSP) where any Ad Network can plug itself, third party partners, SDK, etc.

They can then run their ads freely and Apple can also provide the best data on the market, a much much better one than Facebook’s. They can give you users segmentation about what kind of apps the users likes, how much they spend (Apple Pay), their age, their location, and more complex profiles based on users’ use of their devices.

Brands get an amazing way to target their audience and developers finally get a way to get cheap and high quality installs which completely solves the App Discovery problem. Hitting two targets with one bullet!

Source: How Apple is on track to make over $30B/year thanks to AdBlockers | Arthur Querou | LinkedIn

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