iOS Ad Blockers Begin Dropping In Popularity

Is the blocker bubble bursting?

An article in MarketingLand from Sep. 29, a site you’d think would err in the opposite direction in any analysis, today reported that, “for the first time since iOS 9 launched, no ad blocker is number one on the paid apps chart for iPhone.” and that, “two weeks since ad blockers skyrocketed to the top of the iPhone paid app chart, only one remains in the top five, while a former number one has slipped to below 20th place.”

What’s going on here? The article, without explicitly saying so, seems to point the finger at a user base spoiled for choice and confused by endless options. Some apps allow whitelisting through Eyeo’s list of so-called ‘well behaved’ apps. Others don’t allow any whitelisting at all. While others still have very granular configuration options.

PageFair, one of several adblocker-blockers, backed up this research by reporting a 2% drop in blocker penetration in the US last month — the first drop of that size since May 2014.

It’s unclear if this is just dust settling after all the recently news around ad blocking or part of some larger trend.

I’d love to hear from others as to what they’re seeing and experiencing.

Source: iOS Ad Blockers Begin Dropping In Popularity