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AOP Advertising: Programmatic Workshop

Programmatic TradingChairing and moderating the AOP workshop today was enlightening. A couple things stood out to me:

  • The size and scope of programmatic is gigantic and the rate of adoption is accelerating. We are, as an industry, finally getting there
  • Real, widely adopted programmatic trading — not just ‘remnant’ — is going to skip the web entirely and really come into its own in mobile, specifically in-app
  • All sides of the equation — agencies, tech, publishes — are in agreement on mobile being huge, programmatic being crucial, and a marked shift away from directly traded deals
  • If you want a job in digital advertising, you’d better get good at math! Unanimously, the presenters and panelists said that in looking for a candidate, they want someone with clear quant skills

The speakers for the day were:

  • Bill Swanson, Pubmatic
  • Todd Tran, Nexage
  • Paul de la Nougerede, AOL HuffPo
  • Sam Sherson, Guardian
  • Katie Eyton, MG OMD

Each did a great job but I think Todd’s session really hit home for me and the attendees. The stats around mobile and in app advertising are staggering, even if the revenue sits largely in the hands of 4 companies — Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Rovio. For now.

Chairing AOP “The growing value of programmatic” May 21

AOP UKI’ll be chairing a half-day event in London for the AOP. Hosted by the Association of Online Publishers, the event will serve as a temperature read on the state of programmatic advertising in the UK and how publishers are faring.

Rather than looking back at where we’ve been and how we got here the focus of the event is on the road ahead. The speakers will be looking at the core areas of growth in programatic — Premium, Video, Mobile, Data Monetisation, and others — and discussing in detail how they are being implemented at their respective organisations.

The event runs from 14:00h – 17:00h Wednesday the 21st of May and is being held at IDG UK Headquarters. More information and registration is available on the AOP’s website.