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Alphabet Soup – Google’s re-org creates editorial feeding frenzy

 I’m hard-pressed to remember more confusing coverage of a business story than what’s going on in the tech and mainstream press regarding  Google and Alphabet. Clearly editorials are going for clickbait rather than informative pieces. Here’s a breakdown from the company’s blog piece.

  1. Alphabet is a new holding company under which several companies will operate. Stock will trade under Alphabet.
  2. Larry Page will become the CEO of Alphabet. Sergey Brinn will be president of Alphabet.
  3. Alphabet will operate the future-looking initiatives such as home (Nest), Health (Life Sciences; Calico) and others including the X lab.
  4. Google will continue to be Google and do the advertising and search stuff as a wholly owned subsidiary of Alphabet.
  5. Google will be run a former head of product named Sundar Pichai.
One example of needlessly misleading headlines today.
One example of needlessly misleading headlines today. No. Not really.

And that’s about it. It’s not “a google rebrand” (Forbes). The google name isn’t going away. Google hasn’t renamed itself (Wired). It hasn’t “blown itself up and started over” (Business Insider).

EDIT: The Guardian has published a super-clear representation of the Google / Alphabet situation.

Guardian Alphabet Chart